Lots of information to share, and more still to come.

Uniforms: The rest of the uniform pieces have arrived.  I plan to be at the Cheer Shack one day next week, but not sure which one yet.  As soon as I have that confirmed, I’ll let everyone know and if it works for anyone to swing by, you can pick up your remaining pieces.  If you are out and about near me any time though, please text and you can swing by.   We are still waiting on practice wear but don’t expect that until August. 

Uniform Alterations: If you are considering having any of your uniform items altered, you must get approval from a coach first.  You can bring your items to camp on August 3rd and receive approval at that time.

Physicals: As a reminder, everyone needs to sign into Rank One and update their medical information before August 3rd. Rank One  If you do not have a physical on file with the school, you must also have this completed prior to the first day of camp.  Please also provide a copy of your physical form from your doctor to Coach Yee.

Pictures: We are still working to get these scheduled, but hoping for Saturday, August 1st.  The deadline to submit ads for the Football Program is August 7th, so it’s going to be a tight deadline.  For Football Program ads, Freshman Capts can purchase 1/4 page, JV Capts can purchase 1/2 page, Juniors can purchase 1/2 page and Seniors can purchase a full page.   Media Guide You can choose your own photographer and ad designer, or work directly with David Stanley.  http://www.friendswoodfootball.org/program.html

Reveal Party: This is still scheduled for Sunday, August 2nd.  More information to come as the date approaches.

Billing: I will be sending statements today and tomorrow, which will include the balance due on your Varsity order.  If you don’t receive yours by Friday night, please let me know. 

Cheer Shack Disinfection: Besides the disinfection and cleaning that the school will provide, we are working with the same company that disinfects ASR and setting up a maintenance plan with them to come in and disinfect.  We are also changing our procedures within the Cheer Shack to help minimize risk as much as possible.

We will have 4 mounted hand sanitizing stations available for the girls to use during practice.  I have ordered as many refills as I can get at this time, hoping this holds us over until more are available.

Until otherwise noticed, the girls will be unable to enter the locker room for any reason.  Each girl will have an labeled plastic drawer/cubby where they will be able to place their keys, water bottle, poms and anything else that they either bring into the Cheer Shack or leave in their locker.

We are unable to provide water or water fountain use to anyone.  For this reason, the girls  MUST bring their own water to practice and MAY ONLY use their TEAM WATER BOTTLE.  The girls will be able refill their water bottle in the water fountain or they can bring 1 or 2 sealed bottles of water to the full day camps and place in their cubbies to be used for refill when needed.  They will be unable to drink out of these water bottles.  They may only be used to refill their team water bottle.

We will be providing 2 name labeled ribbons to each girl on the first day of camp, that they will be able to tie to each of their poms.  This will help ensure that there is no sharing of poms.

Camp Updates – there will be additional updates as the dates get closer, but want to share what we know for now.

ASR Home Camp is scheduled Mon-Wed.  9:00am-3:00pm.  We will be staggering the arrival time for all squads to help minimize close contact.

UCA Home Camp is scheduled for Thursday (11:30-6:00) & Friday (9:00-4:00).

For both camps, the Captains will be communicating with the girls on when to arrive and what to wear.

Prior to entering the facility, a coach will take each girls temperature and and they will have to answer the COVID health screening questions.  To help keep everyone safe, please DO NOT enter the facility until a coach is ready and able to complete these tasks with you.

If you are sick or suspect that you have been exposed to COVID-19, please contact both coaches immediately.  They will advise you on how to proceed.  Please do not come to the Cheer Shack or ASR if you suspect you have been infected, but you must contact both coaches.

Individually boxed lunches will be provided each day of camp, except for Thursday.  The girls will be unable to leave the facility during lunch.  More info coming soon on lunch options and ordering. 

NO VISITORS will be allowed inside the Cheer Shack.  This includes all parents.  Non-driving girls will need to be dropped off in the loop. 

Every day, but especially during camp, the girls will need to bring with them the following items: Face Mask, Sanitizer Wipes, Tissue, Hand Sanitizer, Blue & White Poms and Team Water Bottle.


I think this is all I have for right this moment.  Everything is very fluid, but we are doing the very best to ensure the girls safety while still having some normalcy.  If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to contact a Coach or Samantha Eubanks to address them.