Congratulations on doing so well at UCA Regional on Sunday!

Tuesday UIL Practice: Tomorrow’s UIL practice has been moved to ASR.  Non-UIL girls will be released after 6th period at FHS.

Cookie Dough Pickup: I’ve been told that Cookie Dough will be delivered on Friday.  I am waiting for tracking information and additional details.  Once I have this info, I’ll communicate with the girls that sold to coordinate pickup of items.

Sponsors: Click here to access this years Sponsorship letter.  Each cheerleader will be REQUIRED to obtain at minimum a $250 sponsorship, which is due 12/16/20.  Ask your friends who are business owners, your doctors, dentists, etc!  The majority of local businesses are more than happy to donate within our community.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Sponsorships and payment can be dropped in the Cheer Payment box at the cheer shack or on the Gibsons porch.

If you happen to know of someone who would be willing to donate their beach house or boat charter, please reach out to Ava Resnick or Ellaine LaBorde!

We will also be doing a raffle, DRAWING WILL BE HELD 12/11, live at the cheer shack.  Each cheerleader will be REQUIRED to sell 20 raffle tickets.  Tickets and money will be due 12/10.  Once we have the raffle items in stone, we will get you that information.  Tickets will be handed out 11/18.  More information to come.

All of this money will go into our cheer fund to help with the remaining events for this year!  Thank you for your help and support in this next endeavor!! If you are unable to meet the minimum REQUIRED sponsorship and raffle amounts, your cheer account will be billed.