This week:

Regular ASR Practice Monday through Wednesday.

Thursday: Mandatory Intermediate Practice 3:00-5:00 and Father Daughter Social at Main Event at 6:00pm.

Friday: Mandatory Advanced Practice 3:00-5:00.

Don’t forget the Rotary Food Drive going on now.  Each cheerleader is required to donate 5 cans.   Be sure to check your donations in with Coach Stryk.

We are gearing up for the NCA Houston Classic on Sunday, November 20.  Details will be updated at as we receive info.  If you have not already turned in your Athlete Release and Waiver Form, please do so this week.  If you are on UIL, I have your Alternate Transportation Form.  If you are not on UIL, please be sure to complete that Alternate Transportation Form and turn in.  I will handle getting them signed by the APs in bulk.  The girls are currently scheduled to compete at 7:21pm and awards begin roughly around 9:20pm.  The plan is for the girls to ride a bus to the venue and will be released to parents after awards.  We are confirming these details due to our competition time and will let y’all know of any changes as soon as we can.