Tuesday Practice: Practice will be at ASR for UIL.  The UIL team will travel to ASR after 6th period.  Non-UIL team will be released after 6th period from FHS.

UCA Regional Competition: The Competition is ON!  The girls should arrive at the Cheer Shack on Sunday by 10:00am.  They will depart no later than 10:15 by bus.  Bring water in your FHS Cheer water bottle, a snack for before the competition and a lunch or snack for the bus ride home, after the competition.  The team will leave the competition location after competing.

We are still waiting on information regarding the receipt of the new uniforms.  Details will be communicated by the coaches through the girls as information is received this week.  The girls will wear their hair 1/2 up, 1/2 down, straightened.  They will be provided a ribbon and socks as they board the bus on Sunday.  Please do not lose these items, as you will need them in January.

Additional details and/or changes regarding this competition will be communicated via the coaches through the girls.