No known changes to practice this week.  And what a relief to have a BYE Football week.

We have one more JV Football game concession to work – I didn’t realize we had a November date.  I’ll be there but could use additional help.  Sign up here. The shift starts at 4:30pm and there is only 1 game.

If you have not submitted your October payment, please do so ASAP.  I am finalizing the NCA Hotel bill and will send that this week.  Our group payment is due November 3rd to secure our rooms.

November competition info is posted on the Competition page of the website.  As details are received, I will update there.

It appears that Varsity IS NOT using the digital liability forms that were used at camp, so I will need each parent to complete one form for their cheerleader.  I am leaving the event and date blank so that I can use the same form for any remaining paper releases this year.  Click here to open the form, print/download, sign and return to the cheer shack.  Alternatively, you can upload a PDF copy of your complete form here.

I’m still waiting on a block schedule for the UCA comp on November 5th but do know that both teams will be competing between 11:30-2:30pm with awards immediately following at the NCA Lonestar Classic on November 19th.  Both competitions are at the Fort Bend Epicenter.  Please review our website for details regarding spectator tickets and team travel.

Nov 4th Mandatory UIL Practice at 11am.

As a reminder, there is MANDATORY UIL PRACTICE on January 2nd & 3rd from 9am-12pm AND 3pm-5pm BOTH DAYS.  The UIL team is planning to leave on January 4th and will return either on Saturday or Sunday depending on the Award schedule.  Prelims will be Friday and Finals on Saturday.  We should have our first Order of Performance on November 17th.