Cheer Shack Parking: Beginning Tuesday, until November 3rd, we are not allowed to use the parking lot next to the Board Room (off Laurel where the girls normally park) due to voting.  Girls should park in the bus loop near the cheer shack, first come first available – but please be sure to leave 2 spots for coaches.  Overflow parking will be off Woodlawn near the basketball gym.

UIL Practice @ ASR: Friday, October 16 during 7th period until 4:45pm.  Depending on how practice goes, the girls may be released at 4:30pm.  Non-UIL girls will be released from FHS after 6th period.

UIL Team Uniforms: Uniforms have been ordered and will cost $249.00.  Bills will be going out by email tonight.   Payment for these uniforms is due to the vendor, please submit your payment as soon as possible.  We can’t place the order until the vendor receives payment and are striving to have these in time for UCA Regional competition in early November.

October Billing: If you have not submitted your payment, please do so at your earliest convenience. 

Varsity Football Dinner: Friday, October 16th – Varsity will receive information from captains.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser: Ends Thursday!