JV – All of your Saturday games have been changed to Thursday.  Please be sure to check the Cheer Calendar for updates.

Wednesday 9/30 at 7:00pm: UIL Parent Team Zoom Meeting. You should be receiving Zoom link directly from Samantha Eubanks.

Thursday 10/1: Freshman Squad cheers at home game.

Friday 10/2: Varsity  cheers at home game and Senior Night! Freshman sell programs during first half of game.  You will receive your group assigments from your captains.

Saturday 10/3  1:00-5:00: Brandon Team practice at ASR.

Sunday 10/4  5:00-8:00: Edgar/Oz Team practice at ASR.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser: We are kicking off a sweet new fundraiser that has the potential to make you alot of money and help with expenses for the year.  This is completely optional.  All sales are done online, no need to be present, all payments will be collected via credit card.  No order forms and money to collect and turn in.

Online orders can be collected until October 15th.  All items are $18.00 and depending on the total number of items the teams sell collectively, the girls have an opportunity to make $4-$8 per item sold, credited to their account.  This is the same company we have used the last few years, but they are now selling pre-portioned dough instead of tubs!

Once the sale is finalized, we will receive a bulk shipment of items ordered and they will be distributed to you for delivery.

If you are interested in participating, then it’s time to download the app and start selling.  Click here to view instructions on how to kick off your sales.