We are on normal practice schedule.  ASR Monday – Wednesday and regular 7th period practice on Thursday & Friday.

Wednesday: Fan Shirt Order Due!  No late orders will be accepted.  I will be at the Cheer Shack during practice to collect.  All payment is due at time of ordering.  As a reminder: Use the printable order form for all orders you are submitting and collecting payment on.  The ONLINE order link can be used for anyone that wishes to place an order online and pay.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD THESE ORDERS TO YOUR PRINTABLE ORDER FORM.  I will add these orders to your totals at the end and you will receive a copy of the orders for delivery once the t-shirts are ready.  If someone placed an order online and selected BILL TO CHEER ACCOUNT, the order will be canceled.  I will send you the info so that you can contact the buyer and add it to your order form and collect payment.

Thursday: First JV football game & Varsity Football House Wrapping

Friday: Varsity football AWAY at Stingaree Stadium.  Buy your tickets here.

DATE CHANGE: Update your calendar!  Mother/Daughter Tea has been moved to Saturday, December 10th.