Monday: Parent & Cheerleader Meet & Greet at the Cheer Shack 6:30pm
Tuesday: First day of school.  JV Pep Rally meet at 8:15am.  7th Period Practice at the Cheer Shack until 5:00pm.
Wednesday: 7th Period Pratice until 5:15pm.
Thursday & Friday: 7th Period Practice until 4:00pm
Next Weekend: UIL Choreo Camp Saturday 8am-4pm.  Lunch will be brought in.  Sunday 12pm-6pm.  At Cheer Shack both days.

Be sure you are looking ahead at the calendar for the comoing weeks.  It’s super busy!
New to the calendar for Varsity – Community Appearance on Thursday, September 2nd 5:00-5:45pm at Serendipity Medi Spa

Items to Complete: Please download the forms below (click the form name), print, complete and bring to Monday’s meeting.  You will not be allowed to travel to the Cheer Shack on Tuesday without these forms completed and turned in.

Transportation FormRequired for all cheerleaders.  If you are a driver, please include a copy of your TDL and insurance.

UIL Choreo Liability Release – Required for all cheerleaders on UIL team, including alternates.

Billing: Sorry for the delay, it finally went out this week.  If you did not receive yours, please let me know.  I’ll have the Payment Box on the desk at the meeting tomorrow.

Summer Practice Hours: Bring to practice on Tuesday.

The Megaphone Handbook: Please review your information and reply with any changes that need to be made.  I’m missing some Middle Initials, T-Shirt sizes and maybe a few email addresses.  I’ll be sending this to print next Monday and you’ll receive a copy once it’s ready.  I’ll also send an updated PDF for you to save in your phone to reference throughout the year.

Don’t forget to check your locker after the meeting tomorrow.  Blue spanks for the white uniforms are in there.  Many of the custom competition shoes have been delivered and are in your locker.  If yours are not there, the last box is scheduled to arrive on Monday.  Depending on delivery time, I may be able to distribute before the meeting.  And Lip Sense was supposed to be delivered on Friday, but hasn’t made it yet.  Any day now and I’ll get those to you as soon as they arrive.