Happy first week of summer!  With camp coming next week, we have lots of info to share and I’m sure many questions to answer.  Hoping this will help tie everyone over until we are able to have our parent meeting Monday evening.

Camp Information Packet– This document includes information regarding pre-camp & camp, including what to wear, packing list, itinerary and rules/reminders.

Pre-Camp – Monday – Wednesday at FHS Cheer Shack 9:00am-12:00.  Please arrive by 8:30.  Be sure to eat breakfast prior to camp and bring water bottle. 

Parent Meetings – Monday at FHS Cheer Shack.  All Varsity 5:30pm; Seniors Only 6:30; JV/Freshman 7:00.

JV/Freshman Team Bonding – Tuesday, June 8th following pre-camp at 2500 Royal Field Ln.  See Group Me for details.

Reveal Party – Wednesday following pre-camp.  Drop off big/little sis gifts at the Hall’s house before camp (902 Cowards Creek).  The girls will ride together to the Hall’s house and Bigs will take their new Littles home after the party.  The girls should have received their likes list at practice yesterday.  Reminder: $50 gift limit.

Camp at Great Wolf Lodge – The Information Packet (hopefully) contains all the information you need. 

A few items to note:

  • GWL does not accept cash for purchases at the resort.  Credit/Debit and/or Gift Cards only.
  • The girls will ride a charter bus to and from camp.
  • Sadly, parents will not be allowed inside buildings when dropping off and picking up at camp.  Also, parents will not be allowed in where camp is being conducted, this includes All-American Tryouts on Sunday.  Varsity will stream Monday performances on BAND and we will share this information on REMIND as soon as it’s made available.
  • GWL will allow visitors on MONDAY ONLY.  Anyone visiting on Monday must fill out the Guest Screening Form and bring it with them.  The form can be found on the FHS Cheer website under Competition/Camp.  All cheerleaders are expected to return to Friendswood on the Charter Bus.

4th of July Parade – 4th of July is on Sunday this year.  The City of Friendswood is holding their evening festivities on Sunday evening, but the parade is scheduled for Monday, July 5th.  Please be sure to update your calendar.

Uniform Pickup – With late tryouts and delayed uniform fitting, we are still waiting on a few pieces of the girls uniforms to arrive.  But much of it is here and ready for pickup.  I realize that everyone’s schedule is hectic and I’m also trying to accommodate around the baseball playoff schedule.   None the less, these items need to be in your hands before pre-camp on Monday.  I will be at the Cheer Shack on Friday from 9:00am-11:00am for pickup.  If you are unable to pick up during that time, please contact me by text to arrange a time to come by my house later Friday or during the weekend.  When you receive your uniform items that are available, you’ll see a copy of your complete Varsity order.  I have highlighted the items you are receiving.  The remaining items aren’t expected to arrive until July/August.  We’ll schedule pickup of those items once they are here.  You’ll also receive most, if not all of your additional practicewear items and accessories.

Uniform Invoice/Billing – Invoices will be going out this weekend for uniforms and will include your raffle credits.  Payment can be brought to the Parent Meeting on Monday.