This update is intended for both the old & new squads.  Some information pertains to both of y’all, some does not.  Please disregard if it doesn’t apply.

Fantastic performance at Spring Show!  We attended last night and y’all looked incredible!!!  Lots of information below.  Please be sure to read till the end and let me know if you have any questions.

Used Uniform Sale (old squad): If you have items you’d like to sell, please click here for information.  We are only accepting some items, so please be sure to check and ask any questions!  There is a form to fill out that summarizes the items you are dropping off, along with tags to attach to your items.  I’m happy to tag them if you can provide the payment information.  I requested that items by dropped off my tomorrow (Monday), but if you’re not able to get them to me by then, that’s OK.  The sooner the better!  I’ll be offering items all week and will finish selling at fitting on Friday.  Buyers will be paying you by Venmo (preferred) or check.  I’ll collect any check payments and will get them to you.

Used Uniform Purchase (new squad): If you are looking to buy some used pieces, I’m not real sure what we’ll have at this point.  The girls have just finished using their items at Spring Show and I’m collecting them now.  I’ll have some pieces available tonight (Sunday) at 5:30 and will continue to collect throughout the week.  There will be additional items available Friday at fitting.  You will be paying the seller directly by Venmo (preferred) or check.  I’ll collect check payments and get them to the seller.

Uniform Fitting Friday (new squad): At the Cheer Shack – Returning cheerleaders will be fitted during 7th period on Friday.  New and Incoming Freshman, please arrive at your earliest convenience.  You can expect it to take about an hour.  Dads – please do not enter the cheer shack.  Click here for a form that we used to use for Uniform Purchase.   Although you will be inputting your order online (girls, be sure you bring a CHARGED phone), this might be helpful in determining what is needed.  Some of the items are REQUIRED purchase through Varsity, while others are required, but optional purchase from Varsity. ie; white bow, socks, practice shoe, etc…

Uniform Fitting for Girls Attending Summit: If you will not be at fitting on Friday because you will be in Florida, please reply to this email so that I can send you additional details.  You will be completing virtual fittings, due on Wednesday.  I will be at the Cheer Shack tonight (Sunday) at 5:30 if you’d like to stop in and try some items on.  Be sure to view the form linked above.  This might be helpful while you are inputting your order.  Returning girls: we are going back to a required Varsity competition shoe.  At the very least, you will need to purchase this shoe at this time.  Also, don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or text if you need assistance!

White UIL Uniform (new squad): All girls will be required to own a White Rebel UIL uniform this season.  We will have some sizers available on Friday for the girls to try on.  If you won’t be there Friday, don’t fret.  We’ll size you on Wednesday, May 5th during practice.

Practice This Week (old squad): Refer to your squad texts regarding practice this week.

May Practice (new squad): Practice starts Wednesday, May 5th at the Cheer Shack.  Returning cheerleaders 3-5:15.  New & Incoming Freshman 4:15-5:45.

Fundraiser Friday (new squad): We have an exciting fundraiser to distribute on Friday at uniform fitting.  Please be sure you don’t leave without info.  These funds will help to cover uniform, camp and training fees for each cheerleader.  We’ll also be sending an email Friday with advertising graphics and details.

New York Trip Info (new squad): Mrs. Eubanks is finalizing information for y’all.  It should be distributed in the coming days.

Sponsors (new squad): We already have some sponsors coming in.  Don’t delay, the more sponsor money we collect, the less we will pay throughout the year.