Thank you girls for joining the Zoom call today.  We were so excited to see your pretty faces!

Just to recap a few things for the moms and provide some additional information.

We don’t have a whole lot to tell at this point.  We are trying to keep our schedule as best as possible.  We are waiting on decisions to made by the District and will adjust as needed.

We will not attend camp in Oklahoma, but are planning to have an ASR Home Camp at that same time.  The calendar has been updated online.

Since we are no longer traveling to camp, there will be a reduction in the proposed costs this year.  As of now, we plan to follow the same billing months/cycles.  If/When the New Squad meeting is scheduled, you will not need a check for $550.  Once camp costs are finalized, I will advise and we will collect at that time.

Financial Challenges – If you are experiencing any financial challenges due to COVID-19, please contact the coaches so that they can make you aware of the Districts efforts to help.

The coaches wanted to remind the girls to not be a couch potato during this time.  Coach Crosson has some YouTube resources she can share, if you’re looking for something to do to help keep you active.

Also, as a reminder, it is District policy to include all coaches on communication, whether it’s email or text.  So please, if you have a question or concern to be brought to a coach, be sure to include all three of them in your message.  This goes for moms too.

Uniform fitting has been rescheduled for Wednesday, June 3rd, immediately following pre-camp.  Angee from Varsity will be there to help size.

Pictures are still scheduled for Tuesday, June 2nd.  As the time nears, we’ll work with the incoming freshman and new to squad girls to find a uniform to borrow for pics.

The new Seniors have created a new Instagram account and we want all the girls to follow it.  They will be posting some fun info and contests, so don’t delay in following today.

About a week ago, I asked all the girls to complete an online form with some info needed for practice wear items.  I’m missing forms from 9 girls.  If you have not completed, please do so today!  Click to access form.

If you aren’t receiving REMIND messages, please be sure to sign up.  The class code is @dbched.  You can also send a text with the class code to 81010.  Please be sure you are on the group, otherwise you may miss important messages.  This is for moms and girls!

The coaches are creating squad chats for each squad to communicate.  They have asked that the girls be sure to check email periodically.  We will be sending updates as decisions are made.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the coaches if you have any questions or concerns.