Since we have postponed uniform sizing, we are going to start gathering some info by email to help prepare for practice wear purchases as well as other accessories that are needed.  Be sure to watch your email, as I’ll be requesting information over the next few weeks!

REMIND: I’ve created a new REMIND group that will be used throughout the coming year.  I sent invitations to you all, but you must accept in order to be added to the group.  If you’re not in the group and not receiving messages, please be sure to join.  The class code is @dbched.  You can also send a text with the class code to 81010.  Please be sure you are on the group, otherwise you may miss important messages.  This is for moms and girls!

And here’s my first request for information.  Click here for the form.  Your prompt response is much appreciated.  If you have any questions regarding the form, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email me

Thanks so much!