It’s here!  The week we’ve all been working for!

There is still some planning to finalize, but I wanted to get this to y’all so that you can start preparing.  Please feel free to contact a Captain, Coach or myself with any questions or concerns.

The only change to practice that I know of is Blue Crush – Monday practice until 5:00pm.

Tuesday: Basketball Games

Participant Waivers: I am still missing 11 waivers.  Please be sure this gets to me no later than Monday so that I can finalize our packets.

Draft Information Packet: You’ll notice a few items that we are still finalizing.  I will send an update once these are confirmed.  All cheerleaders will need a Medication Form and Alternate Transportation Form to board the bus on Friday.  Please do not turn these in ahead of time.  We will collect as the girls board the bus.

Friday Squad Dinners: You should be receiving these details from your Captains and/or Captain Moms.

The program is handling all other meals, except for White Team Sunday Lunch.  They will be released to parents for lunch and return for Blue Crush performance and awards.

Stay tuned for more info!