I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying time with family and friends. I wanted to give you an update on what’s happening.

Please download and print the attached Reveal Party Info as well as the Updated NCA Packing Lists for CHEER | MASCOTS.

Your captains or captain parents should’ve already contacted you with times and locations. If not, please email them for information. Varsity will wear the Blue Uniform, hair may be down (curled or straight). JV and Freshman will wear the Black Uniform, hair may be down (curled or straight). Bring both sets of poms to pictures. NO jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) may be worn in the squad photos including head shots.

NCA CAMP & PRE-CAMP (Cheer & Mascots)
UPDATED info can be in links below. Please print the document as changes have been made to packing lists, etc
NCA Camp Info-Cheer | NCA Camp Info-Mascots

BIG SISTER REVEAL PARTY 6/14 (Cheer & Mascots)
All the info you need is in the attached document and at the end of this email. The cheerleaders will change into swimsuits after pre-camp and will ride together to the party. Gift drop off times and location are in the document. Thank you to the Stephens Family for hosting this event!

SPONSORS (Cheer) Sponsor Forms
We really appreciate all the sponsorship money that is coming in. We have about $9,400 in sponsors to date and look forward to receiving more as the weeks progress. Even if you have collected the required $300, try to get more! Our goal is at least $24,000. In order for your sponsor to be recognized in the Football Program, money and forms are due by 7/31.

PLEASE LABEL ALL UNIFORMS & PRACTICE WEAR with your name or initials.
The cheer shoes are scheduled to ship next week. Hopefully, we will get them during pre-camp so that everyone can wear them to camp to “break them in.”
Returning cheerleaders: We are needing a medium skort top for someone who ordered the wrong size, if you have one you would like to sell please let us know ASAP.

VARSITY FOOTBALL PROGRAM ADS (Cheer & Mascots) Program Ad Forms
As many of you know, the cheer program supports the football program each year by placing team ads and recognizing our sponsors in the program. We will be doing that again this year. Additionally, individual cheerleaders/groups of cheerleaders often do ads. If you are interested in placing a personal ad in the program, the deadline is August 15. Dr. Davis is very strict with this deadline and if your ad is submitted late, it will likely not be included in the program. Reminder: It the Cheer Program’s Policy that only varsity cheerleaders and mascots may place full page personal ads, JV may place up ½ page ads and freshman may do ¼ page ads. To see last year’s Program click here

The above link to the FHS Interactive flyer has all the important the start of the school year. Flyer will be updated with the new 2018-2019 information this summer and will be re-released in July.

SUMMER CHEER HOURS (Cheer) Summer Cheer Form
Be sure to schedule and keep track of your Summer Cheer Hours. Don’t forget to get it signed at each session.

We have added a competition to our schedule. We will be competing at the NCA Lone Star Classic on November 11 at NRG.

We are always updating the Cheer Calendar on our website with the most current info. You can download events to your own calendar from our website.

That’s it, enjoy the time off and see you all next week. If you have questions, please email me.

Kathryn Thompson
FHS Cheer Booster VP