WoW!  What a weekend!  Congratulations to all for their well deserved awards!  And thank you to all the moms that helped to make this past weekend go so smoothly.

Girls: Enjoy your week off.  But don’t forget, you must check in at the Cheer Shack each day.  You can not have someone sign in for you.

Pictures from NCA should be sent to Breely and can also be loaded on to SmugMug.

Basketball Games: Tuesday and Friday

Seniors: Don’t forget to coordinate a new ride for your little.  And either text/email me a copy of your receipt for dinner Friday or drop it at the Cheer Shack or in the box on my porch.  I will apply to your account and process any necessary refunds.

Sophomores: If you are a new driving sophomore and have not updated your transportation form and provided a copy of your TDL and insurance, please do so now.  You can find the form on the website and email it to me.  We MUST have this on file for you to drive to the Cheer Shack.

Any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email, call or text.