Hi Girls!  Please see the info below from our Varsity rep regarding sizing for uniforms.  If you have any questions during the process, please feel free to text or call me to discuss (281-433-3333).  Sizing and ordering is due by Thursday so that we have time to compile and check the order before it is submitted.

Most of the items listed are REQUIRED. If you do not own this or if what you own does not fit, please be sure to order.  This is our only opportunity.  As a reminder, this is only the items we are purchasing through Varsity.  We will have practice wear ordering at a later time.

The first 6 items on the list are actual uniforms.  The bodyliners are the half shirt/sleeves the girls wear under their shells.

Items of note:

Black Briefs are Varsity spanks.  These are not required, but the girls will be wearing spanks and/or black shorts for practice.  Many girls prefer the Varsity brand over others.

Poms – these are ordered in singles, not pairs.  You will need at least 1 blue, 1 white and 2 blue/silver.  Returning cheerleaders – if your poms are lost or not in excellent condition, please be sure to order new poms.

Megaphone is for Juniors only (or Seniors if you need to replace)

White Bows will be required for practice daily, but they do not have to be from Varsity.  This is an optional item today.

Black Bra-Criss Cross and Racer Back are optional.  Some girls prefer the Varsity item, but the choice is yours.  There will be days when you will be required to wear a black sports bra.  Sports bras will be required every day of practice.

White footie sock is optional, however, the girls will be required to wear a white no-show sock every day of practice.

Edge Shoe – This is optional. We have been informed that Varsity will not customize our shoe this year.  This shoe is the game day/competition shoe we had last year and will be all white.  If you like that shoe and would like a new pair, this is your chance. 




Measure your child (in inches) with a measuring tape.  See this video on how to measure:  https://www.varsity.com/HOW-TO-MEASURE/

BUST – Fullest part of the chest

WAIST – Smallest part of the curve above the belly button

HIPS – Fullest part of the hip

INSEAM- Top inner leg to bottom of foot

GIRTH- around body, from shoulder back to shoulder

HEIGHT – Feet/Inches

SHOE SIZE – Regular shoe size

REGULAR TEE, TANK and SHORT SIZE – What your child normally wears in these garments. Allow a little room for growth if needed.

 Log on to your fitting by clicking here:   http://fitting.varsity.com/4fxAG8 

  • Start by entering your Child’s information by clicking “I can’t find my name” and Create a New Profile.
  • Then enter your child’s measurements in the designated boxes.  It will calculate and give you the recommended size for each of your garments once you are in the fitting! Please use the ADULT chart unless you are a younger cheerleader (age 12 and under).
  • See the email attachment “Virtual Fitting FAQ” if you need further detailed help.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a Varsity uniform or any Varsity brand cheer wear, try it on FIRST to see if it fits, see if you can stay in the same size or bump a size. These garments will give you the most accurate sizing.  Please allow a little room for growth if needed.   If you do not have Varsity items, refer to the measurements.

 Please complete this process by   THURSDAY, MAY 14th.   We will be moving to the next step in processing the order by that date.  Thank you so much!  I will miss seeing each of you in person this year but, please know I am thinking of all of you and hoping you are all doing well!