Whew! We made it through the first week!  I will have a longer Weekly Update sent later this weekend, but wanted to get this information out to y’all ASAP.  We hope everyone has a fun and SAFE holiday weekend!

Practices: Please see practice times below.  Please do not plan appointments during practice time.  All cheerleaders are expected to be at practice at all times.  If you will not be at practice, be sure to clear that with the coaches prior to practice and let your team captains know that you will not be in attendance.

Monday: ASR Practice at Cheer Shack until 5:00pm
Tuesday: Practice 7th period at Cheer Shack until 4:15.  UIL Team will stay for UIL practice until 5:15.
Wednesday: ASR Practice at Cheer Shack until 5:00pm
Practice 7th period at Cheer Shack until 4:15.
Practice 7th period at Cheer Shack until 4:15.

Friday Night Lights – Football Season 2020
Below are our tentative plans for Football Season.  As of now, nothing has been finalized.  Any changes will be communicated as soon as we know.

We know that everyone is anxious and excited about the start of football season. More than ever, FHS football players, coaches, cheerleaders, mascots, Blue Crew, band, and Wranglerettes are hopeful for the start of football season.

We wanted to share with you some information about the season and what to expect for the start of the season.

The great news is that the FHS Cheerleaders will be participants at both home and away games.

Information for Home Games as of Sept. 4, 2020

  1. Only Varsity Cheerleaders will be allowed to cheer at Varsity games. Freshman and JV are not required to attend Varsity football games at this time and will not be selling programs or tattoos.
  2. Freshman and JV Cheerleaders will be cheering at their home games.
  3. The Cheerleaders will be assigned a “defined area” for which to cheer from.
  4. They must wear masks at all time
  5. They must be in an area away from the football team, trainers, coaches and band (band will be in an area between the goal post and the score board on the track). Wranglarettes will be in the stands.
  6. Koopman thinks that the cheerleaders may be able to be on the track, but has not finalized that as they have to make sure we can socially distance from each other and the team… only active participants (football players) are allowed on the field.  We will know more about where we will stand a little closer to the start of the season. 
  7. The visiting teams’ cheerleaders are allowed to attend our games, but we will not be meeting them before, during, or after the games…. No one allowed on the field at any time or to visit the other side.
  8. Exit Strategy for home games – Finalized Information will be published soon and will apply to all in attendance at home games.
  9. No one is allowed on the field after the games…. Including cheerleaders… the exit strategy will define how the cheerleaders will exit after the game. Spectators will also have an exit strategy, but please do not expect to stand around for pictures or to great your child at the railings.

 Information for Away Games

  1. Varsity Cheerleaders will travel to away games.
  2. We will be instructed where we will stand for each away game based on the guidelines of the host team.
  3. *Alternative Travel for Varsity Cheerleaders is being discussed – Safety meeting to follow to determine travel to/from away games.  If buses are used, then they will ride with the windows down, with masks on. The only option for alternative travel is with a parent or approved adult…. Cheerleaders may not drive themselves.

****Updated travel information will be provided as soon as it is determined.

Tickets to Games

  1. Each varsity cheerleader will be allowed 4 guests.
  2. An email will be sent from the athletic department explaining the ticketing process and you will be provided a code to pre-purchase your ticket.
  3. For away games – You will be sent an email and provided a code to purchase your ticket for the away games as well… YOU MUST PURCHASE YOUR TICKET ONLINE before you get to the game… no ticket sales at the games.
  4. The emails for tickets for both home and away games will be handled through the athletic department, not through cheer and we can’t purchase your tickets for you.  Watch for the email.

General Guidelines for all squads

  1. Masks worn at all times – bring extra
  2. No sharing of water bottles – bring your own (we will discuss how to provide a cooler – we can’t put an opened water bottle back in it)

Please understand that this is just the beginning of what we hope will be a long football season!! If we all work together to keep our kids safe and healthy, then hopefully we will be cheering for the Mustangs all the way to the state playoffs in January!! 

***This is information received today (9-4-20), and Coach Koopman shared that they are still in talks with safety committees, UIL, and other districts to do what is best for our students.  Our general understanding is that we are moving forward with football and that the cheerleaders will be a part of that plan…. and we can celebrate that!!!

The other details that come up will be handled through coaches and head cheerleaders, but if you have any questions or concerns please let us know.