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Updates to Practice

Tuesday 4/25: Current Cheerleaders: 7am Weight Training and regular 7th period practice

Wednesday 4/26: Current Cheerleaders: Practice at the Auditorium during 7th period.  Required for all girls in Spring Show.  Girls not in Spring Show that have not left for Summit yet must report to the Auditorium during practice.  No practice for new girls.

Thursday 4/27: Current Cheerleaders:  7th Period Practice will be Weight Training.  Arrive dressed and ready for Spring Show by 6:45.  The girls perform during the first Act.

Friday 4/28: Current Cheerleaders: No practice.  Arrive dressed and ready for Spring Show by 6:45. 

Monday 5/1: No Practice for anyone

Tuesday 5/2: Current Cheerleaders: 7am Weight Training.  No 7th period practice.

Wednesday 5/3: Practice for all is moved to FHS Stadium.  Bring cheer shoes AND running shoes and lots of water.

Thursday 5/4: Current Cheerleaders: No practice.

Friday 5/5: Current Cheerleaders: 7th Period Weight Training.