Hi Girls!

I am picking up the Texas Tanks (to wear in the parade) tonight and have received most of the Varsity Uniform order, so we are ready to distribute what we have to y’all.  I’ll be available tomorrow (Tuesday, June 30th) after 12:00 for pickup at my house.  If you’re unable to pick up on Tuesday, please call or text me to schedule a time that works for you.  At pickup, you will receive a copy of your entire Varsity order, with pricing, however you will only need to pay for the items that you are receiving at that time.  Please reply to this email if you’d like to know your total before pickup.  The balance will be due once the remaining pieces are received.  Also note, this total does not include any of the practice wear items – only the items you ordered directly from Varsity.

I am also still missing paperwork packets from several girls.  Please bring with you when you pick up your items.  You can download these forms here.