Whew!  We’ve made it through the first semester!  I hope every has a safe, healthy and happy holiday break!

We just received the tentative block schedule for NCA in January.  Final details will not be out until after the new year, but wanted to get this info out incase anyone needs to adjust their travel home plans.

Game Day competes Saturday 2:15pm-7:55pm and Sunday beginning at 2:52pm.  Awards begin at 9:00pm.

Intermediate Varsity competes Saturday 5:24pm-7:34pm and Sunday beginning at 6:04pm.  Awards begin at 8:27pm.

The girls will be released to their parents after Game Day awards on Sunday.  Please remember, they are riding a bus TO Dallas, but it is your responsibility to get your daughter home.

Don’t Forget Holiday Practices: 10am on 12/29, 12/30 & 1/3.