We wanted to give you an update on information regarding the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Also, a Google Form will be sent to you later this week with questions to help us start planning.

We are also planning a Media Blitz that needs to be made soon. It will be a video of the girls that are going to NYC – there will also be some school district representatives in the video (Mr. Griffon and possibly Mr. Roher). This video will be used by the school district and by Spirit of America as a way to promote our trip, help build excitement, and showcase this honor. It will also help us when we start fundraising!!

Some things we are working on are; a t-shirt/sweatshirt design for the girls as a travel shirt, and a poster for exposure to the school and community.  The Google Form will have a question about volunteering to help put all of this together…. please think about helping out and volunteering!!

Here are the Q & A  that were asked at our first meeting:
1. Most parents want to know about refunds if the parade is cancelled again on Macy’s end (not if we cancel).  The last correspondence we had about that you had shared that if the parade was cancelled then they would receive a refund….. does that include the $400 deposit?
We will offer the same refund or rollover payment as we did in 2020. The refund does apply to the deposit. I know all of our information states non-refundable however that was prior to this COVID year.
2. How do parents view the parade?  Our hotel, the Hilton is on the parade route. Parents can view the parade right out side of the hotel. The actual performance area that is televised is a staging area and is not open to the public.
3. If they purchase a spectator package… will they have a special viewing spot?  Same answer as above.
4. If they purchase a ticket only package… will they be able to see the girls perform at any time?
The dress rehearsal on Wednesday night in the ballroom is open to everyone.
5. If parents do not purchase any package…. is there any option for them to see the girls in a dress rehearsal?  Yes at the Wednesday night rehearsal
6. Do you have any recommendations for hotels for parents that are near or on the parade route?
Our hotel is on the Parade route. The parade travels from Central Park West down 6th Avenue. 
I suggest they google hotels for their price range in this area. There aren’t many hotels on the route. Our hotel address is New York Hilton Midtown 1335 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave)
7. If the girls purchase a quad room… but want to upgrade to double… is that possible
Yes they can change their accommodations right up to September 15th when final payment is due.
8. If the girls purchase a double… but aren’t able to fundraise as much money as they thought… can they change to a quad?  Yes they can.
9. We have a girl that is asking to leave after the parade on Thursday to be able to attend her sister’s senior recognition ceremony (she is a cheerleader at the University of Texas and the Friday after Thanksgiving is the senior recognition game and the family wants to attend)… can she be checked out early?  Yes we have several performers each year that wish to check out after the Parade for family reasons. If they plan to fly home Thursday night, I suggest they purchase a flight after 5:00pm in order to get through traffic and security at the airport.
If you haven’t registered yet….. here is the link

Registration Code: SOACHEER