Please read and respond to the link below:

We have received several questions about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and wanted to follow up with you.

This is an incredible opportunity for your child and the FHS Cheerleading program to be a part of this historic event and we want every girl to go and take part in this event. What can we do to help you make sure that your cheerleader is able to go?

Some questions that have asked are:

Q: Will the girls be together the whole time.
A: YES! From the time they leave Friendswood to the time they arrive back home, they will be a group. They will be joined by others once in NYC, but our girls will be together the whole time on the plane, bus, and on tours. Coach Yee will be with them along with their Spirit of America Chaperones, Coach Stryk, and any other school appointed chaperone.
*The only person that can check your child out of the planned events is YOU.
**We encourage the girls to stay with the group and participate in all the activities, but if you would like to check them out…. that is ok.

Q: Are parents required to go?
A: NO… not only no, but this is meant to be an experience for the girls, the FHS Cheerleaders!! Parents are absolutely welcome to go, but when considering costs of the trip… please put your cheerleader first and plan for them. We will plan what we can to include the parents; like flights, transportation, and a group hotel, but this experience is for the FHS Cheerleaders.

Q: Will the cheerleaders actually perform in the parade or just walk?
A: PERFORM!!! This is a highlight of the parade…. they have a fully choreographed routine that often starts the parade and is televised. The routine includes everything from pom routines to stunts and pyramids….. think UIL routine style. This is the reason we were invited to attend. We submitted previous UIL routines and they loved what they saw and that’s why we were asked as a team, not just individuals.

Q: What if my cheerleader doesn’t have a roommate?
A: Our girls will be together no matter what. If you pay for a Quad room then you will get a Quad room regardless if you have identified another cheerleader to room with you. You do not have to get 4 girls to room together…. you pay for the package you want and we handle the room assignments. If we have girls that have paid for a Quad and we do not have enough girls on our team to fill a Quad… then they will either be by themselves, or other girls from another team will room with them. But…. their costs never change!!! Pay for a Quad for the least expensive option.

A: Our girls will travel together for all activities… even if they happen to have a roommate from another team…. the FHS Cheerleaders are there as a team and will travel as a team.

Q: When do you need to register your cheerleader?
A: Register them as soon as possible to hold their spot and take the next several months to fundraise and pay for the trip.

Coach Yee and the planning committee are very eager to start working on NYC. This is a big honor for FHS and it’s important to start getting the word out and have your daughter participate. Please let us know what you need to register your cheerleader. We will be talking a lot about this over the next few months and promoting it for our cheerleaders and Friendswood High School. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we don’t want any girl to be left out…. let us know what you need to send them and let us work with you!!

Here is a link to a Google Form that we need for each girl. Please complete as soon as possible: