The girls received their Cheer Dance invitations and RSVP card today.  The coaches went over the following information during practice.

  • Ticket can be purchased at the start of cheer tomorrow (Wednesday) and M-W next week.  You may also deliver your RSVP card & payment in the lockbox at my house prior to Monday, February 14th.  We have to confirm meals & counts on February 14th, if you do not purchase your ticket in time, we can’t allow you to attend.
  • Inside each invitation envelope is an RSVP card. When you purchase your tickets you will have to turn this card in. It should include cheerleader’s name, name of date, and a dinner choice for BOTH people.  If you are buying 2 tickets, you should have 2 meal choices.
  • ALL cheerleaders are REQUIRED to help with the little girl cheer clinic until 1:30! DO NOT make any hair or makeup appointments until after 1:30! Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • If you plan on taking pictures prior to the event, if you have more than 2-3 couples get together, please just go ahead and invite the entire grade level! We don’t want 1 or 2 girls being left out! 


  • NO party buses or limos allowed! If you arrive in a party bus or limo you will be turned away at the door!  No refunds.
  • We will have a photographer right inside the entrance to take professional pics of each couple as they arrive, and then after the picture has been taken, we will have a coat, purse, key check. Everyone will be required to leave their jackets and purses with at coat check, and all keys will be kept as well. No one at any point will be allowed to go out to their car. Once you leave the building you are out for the night. NO reentry.
  • Mr. Griffon will come talk to everyone about drinking/vaping, and the consequences of doing so, but each girl will be required to sign a waiver for herself AND her date agreeing to the guidelines! Any person who is found in defiance of any of these rules or in possession of or under the influence of alcohol, vapes, etc. will immediately be turned over to the SRO and administrator on site and dealt with according to the Mustang Student Code of Conduct. 
  • We will tell the girls what time dinner is being served, and there will be a arrival time limit (ex: If dinner is served at 7:45 we may say you have to be in the building by 7:30)
  • If your daughter is bringing a date that attends another school there will be an additional waiver they need to complete. If this applies to you please see Coach Yee or Coach Stryk