Here is the information for the 4th of July parade!!
FHS Cheerleaders have been assigned to Route 4 (map) which starts at Renwick park and will end at Westwood Elementary for the cheerleaders.
Information for Cheerleaders:
***The Firetruck will already be there when you arrive.
1.  Arrive by 9:15am Saturday morning and park or be dropped off at Westwood Elementary where you will walk back to Renwick and meet Coach Stryk….. you can’t miss the firetruck!! You must be at the firetruck by 9:30am.
2. Bring water bottles with you in a Gallon size ziplock baggie with your name on it….. no sharing! (see pic). Mrs. Howard will have a cooler on top of the truck for your water.
3. The floats/entries will not be judged this year. 
4.  Distribution of any material during the parade is prohibited. No items may be thrown from any float or by any parade participant. Squirt/water guns are prohibited. 

What to Wear:

All girls should wear their Texas Tank  that you picked up this week, white sports bra, Texas Tyler Shorts, no-show socks, cheer shoes and hair in a high pony with white cheer bow.  ***Bring your blue and white poms.

Varsity should bring their masks and JV/Freshman will be provided one.


Happy 4th!!