Nationals weekend only 2 days away and wanted to pass on a few reminders:

  • Updated Packing list, schedule, and NCA Info is attached.
    Saturday’s performance times and Sunday’s awards have changed a bit. Hopefully, this will be the final schedule.
  • Cheerleaders need to bring an umbrella and poncho – it’s supposed to rain Saturday morning.  The Dollar Store has plenty of ponchos this week.
  • Cheerleaders need to bring their pullover jacket to wear to watch other FHS teams.
  • Cheerleaders need to bring money for Friday lunch and team dinner and for Sunday lunch.
  • Parents (or other person) will need to pick up their cheerleader’s luggage Sunday morning. Once we have Sunday’s performance schedule we will know the exact time.  If you are unable to pickup luggage, it’s the cheerleaders responsibility to store it with concierge until some one can pick it up.  We will send the time through REMIND as soon as we know.
  • All three teams will leave the hotel together each morning to go to the convention center.  All three teams will stay through final awards that begin at 5:50 PM.

NCA Info Final